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Unix/Linux Shell Scripting with sed and awk Training Workshop

Course Duration: 2 Full Days

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Shell and Bash Basics
  • Variables - Creating new variable, manipulating, exporting, substituting
  • Basic Script Elements - Input, Output
  • Flow Control Constructs

             - if, for, while, until, case, break, continue

  • Advanced Scripting Techniques

             - Shell Functions
             - Reading Options with getopts
             - Signal Handling with trap
             - Handling and sending signals: trap and kill
             - Implementing Simple Menus with select
             - Dialog Boxes

  • Special Variable Substitution Operators for Bash
  • Regular Expressions,
  • Useful Commands for Shell Scripts

             - cat, cut, date, echo, grep, egrep, test, tr

  • Using sed & awk (nawk/gawk)
  • Debugging Shell Scripts, Sample Scripts
  • Creating "Production Quality" Scripts
  • Customize system-wide shell initialization files